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Council Election/2007-01

In late 2004, the community of the SPF Project decided that a more organized, cohesive approach would be needed in order to fight e-mail identity forgery and other e-mail abuse. Thus, the SPF Council body was created and elected in December 2004. For the first time, five council members were chosen to lead the project.

In 2007, two years after the council's formation, the SPF Project went on to elect its third council. Again, five council members lead the project over twelve months to solidify the SPF standard and continue the battle against e-mail sender forgery according to the visions of the project's community.

Election Results

There were 26 voters who elected 5 council members from 7 candidates. These were the elected council members (ordered by Condorcet rank):

The 3rd council's term began on 2007-02-05 and is projected to end on 2008-02-03.

Per council resolution, these former council members are invited to act as advisors to the 3rd council:

Election Platforms

There were declarations of intent (or election platforms) by some of the candidates (in chronological order):

The Election Process

According to the council election procedures, the 2007 election process started on 2007-01-08. Everyone was eligible to vote in the election who was subscribed to the spf-discuss mailing list at that time. Nominations for council membership had to be submitted to the spf-discuss mailing list before Monday 2007-01-15 00:00 UTC.

The sitting council appointed William Leibzon as the election officer who conducted the election and certified the results. Disputes regarding the election outcome had to be submitted to the election officer before Thursday 2007-02-01 00:00 UTC.

This was the schedule of the 2007 council elections:

2007-01-08 .. 01-1401-15 .. 01-2101-22 .. 01-2801-29 .. 01-3102-01 .. 02-0402-05
Appoint Election Officer
Acceptance, Discussion, RegistrationVotingDispute
Dispute Resolution
Start of Term


These persons were nominated as members of the 2007 council (in alphabetical order):



Please direct your questions and comments at the spf-discuss mailing list or directly at the election officer, William Leibzon.

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