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The Community section of the website is dedicated to the SPF project's community. Sub-pages of this page, such as Community/Sandbox, can be created and edited freely by everybody.Before editing, you must set a user name in the user preferences. To edit a page, follow the "Edit text of this page" link at the bottom of the page. How to format text. To create a page, first create a link to the [[new page]] in an appropriate place on an existing page, then follow that link to create the page.We want this website to be free! By submitting content, you agree to dual-license it under the GPL 2 and CC BY-SA 2.5 licenses.

Editing Tips

If you want to improve a page from the restricted part of the website, you can get that page's source code by appending the string ?raw=1 to the page's URL. For example:

This page is the entry point to the community section. Links to interesting community pages go here.

SPFv3 list of features

Glossary for the Forums discussion.

Rewriting the From header

Please share your stories of how difficult (or not!) it was to publish your SPF policy.

Meetups: last European one was in June 2006

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: who is planning to do what with our e-mails?

badge proposed by Brian (80×15 PNG).

This page is dedicated to meetups of SPF community members around the world of

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