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Note: This page is only of historical interest. The need for an SPF Council largely lapsed once change control over SPF was transferred to the IETF (e.g. once RFC 4408 was finished) and SPF became well established in large scale deployments.

Established in late November 2004, the SPF Council consists of five democratically elected members of the project community. The council leads the project in its efforts to make SPF a widely accepted standard on the Internet and coordinates the project's public relations work.

These are the basic rules by which the council body itself operates:

  • The council's election period is one year.
  • All council members do have identical rights.
  • The council can make decisions (resolutions) by majority vote.
  • It holds (more or less) regular meetings on IRC.
  • It has two special positions: the Chair and the Secretary.

The current members of the council (edit)

The 3rd council's term began on 2007-02-05 and is projected to end on 2008-02-03. The current council members are (in last name alphabetical order):

See the council members' availability for real-time consultation.

Information Resources

The council communicates with itself and with the public using various dedicated resources:

  • The spf-announce mailing list: public announcements of the SPF Project.
  • The spf-council mailing list: public discussions of the council. Anyone can read, only council members and advisors can post.
  • The #spf-council IRC channel: public discussions of the council. Anyone can read, only council members and advisors can talk.
  • The spf-private mailing list: private discussions of the council. Closed to council members and advisors.
  • The Council Secretary can provide any information regarding the council and its work that is not covered by the website and that has not been classified as private.

Latest News on the Council

The 2007 council elections (2007-02-05)
In 2007, the SPF Project went on to elect its third council. Again, five council members lead the project over twelve months to solidify the SPF standard and continue the battle against e-mail sender forgery according to the visions of the project's community. More...
The 2006 council elections (2006-01-30)
In 2006, the SPF Project went on to elect its second council. More...
SPF Council elected and organized (2004-12-22)
The SPF Project announces the election results for its first elected council. This election is one of several steps the SPF community is taking to create a more organized, cohesive approach to fighting electronic mail abuse. More...