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Mailing Lists

The SPF project has a number of mailing lists for various purposes. All are generally low-volume.

spf-helpFor people needing help publishing their SPF record or with setting up SPF checking.
spf-discussAll things relating to SPF, many members. Check out NOTE WELL for IETF lists.
spf-develAnyone involved in developing software closely related to SPF should join.

From the table below you can get the various lists' posting addresses, subscribe to lists, view their archives, or use their Gmane interface. To subscribe to a list, use the respective link below to send a subscription request. A confirmation e-mail will be sent, and must be responded to, before you are subscribed to the list.

Mailing listPostSubscribeArchivesRSSGmaneGossamer

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The SPF community also discusses issues on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). You can also use Jabber via IRC-gateways like irc.jabber.postel.org or irc.jabber.freenet.de. If you are new to IRC, see http://www.irc.perl.org.

  • #spf: The community IRC channel
    IRC channel:#spf on irc.perl.org
    Jabber (xmpp):spf%irc.perl.org
    Channel archives: (no public archives, please, this is for chats)