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These are the press releases officially published by the SPF project:

US financial services industry group endorses SPF (2007-04-21)
BITS, a nonprofit industry consortium formed by many of the largest financial institutions in the USA, has announced their BITS Email Security Toolkit white-paper, recommending the deployment of SPF next to TLS and DKIM in order to address the identity forgery and phishing problems of e-mail. More...
SPF for e-mail is an independent standard (2005-03-23)
The SPF Project clarifies that its proposed SPF standard is independent from Microsoft's Sender-ID and any related proposals, and reaffirms its sole authority over the standard. More...
SPF Council elected and organized (2004-12-22)
The SPF Project announces the election results for its first elected council. This election is one of several steps the SPF community is taking to create a more organized, cohesive approach to fighting electronic mail abuse. More...

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