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Project Agenda

Official Project Agenda

The SPF project agenda currently consists of the following items in order of priority:

  1. Create/update list of library implementations and their compliance with the test suite
  2. Start a grassroots "Spread SPF!" campaign to get in touch with domain owners and ESPs/ISPs.

Continuing Tasks

  • Keep the news and FAQ up to date
  • Get SPF into more MTA distros (in core or as plugins), and update the report on MTA support
  • Get SPF into more OS distros, and update the report on OS support

Loose collection of outstanding tasks

If you have write access to this page, feel free to add to or edit items on the following list.

Tasks related to existing Project Agenda items

  • Website updates:
  • Public relations:
  • MTA support:
    • Maintain lists of MTA plugins and direct MTA functionality. There are lots of sendmail milters, but postfix and qmail support is scarce.
    • Push for plugins or nonpluging inclusion of SPF functinality, in situations where neither exist.

Other Tasks

  • Gather data to satisfy the goals of the IETF experiment.
  • Study DNS security issues related to the use of SPF and make recommendations for a future specification update / erratum / best practices
  • Working on or brainstorming on the design of a newer version of SPF.
  • Improve the record building and validation toolset to reduce the error rate in published SPF records.
  • Standard format for "Debugging" response to SPF softfail result.

Completed Past Agenda Items

  • Get SPFv1 published as an RFC
  • Review and move content from the old website to the new website and try to make the new one sufficiently complete that the old one can be archived
  • Coordinate and drive the creation of an implementation-independent test suite

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